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High Impact Sustainable Fast Savings
In 17 years we have negotiated more than
USD 4 billion for more than 100 clients in 8 countries.


We have offices in Austin Texas, Mexico City and Santiago de Chile.

We are experts in cost reduction and control.  It is our only focus and line of business. We produce lasting, high impact savings quickly, we implement all recommendations and are obsessed with producing outstanding results.


We have ample expertise in the leading industries, like retail; consumer goods; airline industry; mining (copper, tin, gold, nickel and non mineral mining); banking; insurance; chemicals; auto-parts; pharmaceuticals; cosmetic industry; wine industry; media; communications; information technology; and education, among others. 


We address our client’s cost structure in its entirety:  Production supplies; specialized industrial services; inbound-outbound logistics; sales expenses; marketing, I.T.; back-office costs; wages; and contractor costs; among others..




”To be the Consulting Company with the best results in cost reduction and control everywhere we operate. ".




Gran Vista merges the expertise of more than 17 years of its founder Emmanuel Schweikert and a team of professionals with extensive expertise in cost containment and management, in highly complex projects, in the main industries and countries of the American Continent.

We have helped companies reduce, manage and control costs in U.S.A.; Australia; Brazil; México; Chile; Perú; Ecuador; Argentina; and several African countries.


We have experience with a wide range of companies:  From some of the world’s most important multinationals; leading Latin American companies and government-owned companies; to family-owned companies and nonprofit organizations; among others. 


Overall, we have helped more than 100 companies significantly  improve their cash flow. 




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